Pension Plan

See Kodak Pension Plan 2 for documents about the plan, and any forms you might need, from the Plan's administrators.

Kodak Ltd Archive

The Kodak Ltd Archive consists of documents, photographs and other items relating to the history of Kodak Ltd dating from its formation in 1885. It is now in the care of the British Library in London. For more information and how to search the online catalogue see this Post.

Welcome to the Kodak Ltd Retirees' Website

Keeping informed and in touch

This website provides information for employees who have retired from Kodak Ltd. (UK), and facilitates connection with Kodak and other organisations relating to, for example, pensions, etc.

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All enquiries to the webmaster: see the Contact Us page for details.

Please note that this website is intended as a reference only website and the webmaster himself is an ex-Kodak retiree.

About Us

Kodak is a worldwide company known not only for photography, but also for images used in a variety of leisure, commercial, entertainment and scientific applications.

It is often said that employees are a company’s greatest asset. As ex-employees, we sometimes need to know who to contact for information. That is the objective of this website.